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Wood Building

Wood building

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem and are often called the “lungs of the earth”. With their multifaceted properties, trees form an indispensable foundation on our planet. Trees literally give colour to life and provide shelter to both people and animals. At the same time they are a source of food, medicine, and tools while they also purify air and release oxygen. Trees are carriers of energy and their longevity is a symbol of wisdom.

Key Features

The Design

Inspired by this thought, the third developed building of the Campus will be Wood. Its main entrance is located adjacent to the central garden of The Campus. Here, the connection between outside and inside really can be felt. The recess makes it a welkoming entrance for visitors and also provides shelter and space for people to interact.

The Entrance

The overhang located at the corner also provides extra space for the offices on the upper floors. This allows terraces to be created without reducing the size of the offices. With greenery on the terraces, the connection between inside and outside is also made here.nities that require easy accesibility and visibility from the street.

The future is Now. The future is Now. The future is Now.

A stone's throw from Schiphol Amsterdam

The Wood Building is ideally situated

  • Next to Hoofddorp trainstation
  • Connection to the A4 and A5 motorways
  • Direct connection to Schiphol Airport by train and bus
  • Local and regional bus connections
  • Extensive parking facilities in the underground parking garage
  • Easy accessible by car, train, bus and bike
  • Utrecht, Rotterdam and the Hague are quickly accessible
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  • Total LFA 9.858 SQM
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