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Fire Building


Together with Water, Fire will be the first delivered office buildings of The Campus.  The discovery of fire changed the course of human history forever. Fire represents heat, energy and change. Fire responds to circumstances and burns for as long as it is fed. This reminds us of the need to take care of our own fuel: healthy materials, affluent green and optimum air quality. But also high-quality hospitality and sufficient recreational opportunities. Certainly: a healthy mind in a healthy body, at a healthy workplace.


Key Features

The Design

With its warm colours, the building lights up when it catches the sun’s rays. The shiny panels reflect light in all directions, creating the sensation of a glowing fire. It creates a warm and inviting entrance and façade.

The building will be characterized by a large glass atrium. This not only creates a connection with the adjacent campus garden, but also with the surrounding buildings. With the presence of indoor greenery, the exterior landscape flows nicely into the buildings’ interior.

The future is Now. The future is Now. The future is Now.

A stone's throw from Schiphol Amsterdam

The Water Building is ideally situated

  • Next to Hoofddorp trainstation
  • Connection to the A4 and A5 motorways
  • Direct connection to Schiphol Airport by train and bus
  • Local and regional bus connections
  • Extensive parking facilities in the underground parking garage
  • Easy accessible by car, train, bus and bike
  • Utrecht, Rotterdam and the Hague are quickly accessible
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Healthy benefits



  • Total LFA 6.756 SQM
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